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Visit Rwanda Pottery- Ceramic- Modern Art

Visit Rwanda Pottery- Ceramic- Modern Art Packages
Country: Rwanda
City: Rubavu (former Gisenyi)
Duration: 6 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Eco Experience

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According to the most ancient estimations, pottery was first seen in Rwanda around the 9 century BC. Since that time, potteries have been used for water and local banana wine container, cooking, etc. Nevertheless, the traditional moldering by the Batwa has not changed, While many potters however have acquired today modern tools for working on clay, mounting, decoration and firing. In Ruhengeri and Gisenyi, visitors will see local people carrying 10 and more potteries on their head on the way to market. With our tour guide we can also offer you the experience tour based on pottery in Rubavu district.


Rwanda produces excellent soft and fine clay for ceramic. In some workshops, modern designed ceramic wares are produced by highly skilled artisans. Rwandan ceramic painting tipically uses four colors, blue, brown, yellow and gray made from river stones and soils. Cups and saucers, plates and flower bases are most popular items among both local people and tourists.

Modern Art

Despite the limited modern arts infrastructure and education in the country, performing arts such as theatre and dance are gaining momentum especially in schools. It is mostly social themes such as HIV/AIDS, conflicts management, love, etc. that attracts the public.

Tourists can buy ceramic products at various shops in town but also Green Hills Ecotours organizes tours to visit the villages very known for pottery and ceramic production. Your day visit from Kigali ; Musanze,Rubavu or Goma in DRCongo will higly contribute to the development of tradition craft in Rwanda.

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