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Ethno Botany Tours


Musanze: - Ethno Botany Tours: The scientific study of human cultures and their customs jointly combined with the scientific study of plants in a traditional way leading to the discovery of many herbs used against over 50 remedies in the community commonly known as traditional healing. Everything is done in the field whereby visitors go into the local garden/bushes with local herbalist and get a comprehensive introduction to the local herbs; learn different medicinal values of different plants etc. The traditional healers will introduce to you herbs that help to cure different witches, poisoning etc. After the field tour, the visitors will be taken to visit the local pharmacy and also have the opportunity to meet individuals who have been or may be under treatment, and also follow up their recovery stages. The culture of traditional practitioners/healers has been historically passed on from generations to generations whereby any family that had a practitioner he/she would pass on to another young member of the family as he/she was aging and that’s how they were able to preserve the culture and the wonderful customs.

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