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Experience Rwandan Culture In Northern Province

Musanze (former Ruhengeri), Rwanda

Experience Rwandan Culture in Northern Province

Ethno Botany Tour with a Traditional Healers in Musanze.

This field tour introduces you to plants that help cure different ailments. This tour incorporates a visit the local pharmacy and an opportunity to meet individuals under treatment and to follow up on their recovery stages.

Iby' lwacu cultural village:

Understand the unique culture of Rwandese through their daily life and knowledge of the environment, poetry, folklores, dancing, singing, pottery and the theoretical hunt gathering skills. This tour benefits approximately 300 local people.

Banana & Sorghum Beer Production Experience:

Banana and sorghum are some staple food products in Rwanda and they are used in different ways i.e. as food, local beer and dilute drinks etc. They are very important in the cultu ral practices and ceremonies. Learn about the four different species of banana plants, the uses values.

Visit local markets and taste the traditional dishes in Musanze Village Walks.

After the market experience, local women equip you with the knowledge and skills relating to the Rwandese traditional dish preparations from peeling and preparation until you eat or served your own food.


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