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Genocide Memorial Centres



The Genocide Memorial site is a grim reminder of the senseless massacre of innocent’s lives in 1994. During the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, over a million people were murdered. Some 250,000 perished on the streets and in the houses, churches and hospitals of the capital alone. After the 1994 unspeakable awfulness, several burial places in the country were established as memorial sites. They include Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre located 2km north of Gikongoro and the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre (Kigali Genocide Memorial) where 250,000 genocide victims were buried. Learn about Rwanda’s history from pre-colonial times to the 1994 genocide; learn about other genocides in the world and how this country has dealt with that past. Tour more and see the new developments in Rwanda; the recovery has been incredible, a testament to humankind’s resilience.



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