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The Kigali Hub

Kigali, Rwanda

The Kigali Hub

Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo

The Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo introduces the city's most multi-cultural suburb, the sights, sounds and smells of urban Rwanda. In association with the Nyamirambo Women's Centre (NWC), you will be guided through homes, exposed to the Arab influences, the market, the West African tailors, hair salons, recording studio and more. Your hosts will invite you to one of their homes, where you can learn to cook a Rwandan meal.

Cards for Africa workshop

This Fairtrade Organisation offers the fascinating chance to watch how paper is made, while soaking in the cheerful atmosphere of the workshop, and view the complete range of products they make and even purchase some. Just ten minutes by car from the airport.

Craft Shops around Kigali

lvuka Arts Kigali is a group of established artists introducing Rwandan contemporary art to the International scene by discovering and nurturing young talent.

lshyo Arts Centre, a successful non-profit organization operating locally and internationally bringing musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists together to make culture available to everyone by developing and supporting innovative artists, projects and training programmes.

Rwanda Nziza, also known as The Rwandan Fair Trade Artist's Association, offers a variety of quality products that are 100% Rwandan. The artisans, from all over Rwanda, have direct access to the customer and earn 100% of the profits. Every product comes with a member biography, a description of the product and its cultural significance.

Caplaki Handicrafts Co-operative, near the Cercle Sportif was created when street shops that moved away from the city centre.

Other excellent places to view and purchase traditional and modern artwork are CAPLAKI Craft Village, lnganzo Gallery, African Gift Corner, ATRAC Craft Village and Uburanga Art Studio. If you are looking for an African Market then your best bet will be the Kimironko market, the Gakinjiro market or the Nyabugogo market, which is the largest

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