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Village Walks

Musanze (former Ruhengeri), Rwanda

Village Walks

Visiting local markets and introduction to the traditional dishes: The day starts with visiting a local markets where they sell local food stuffs; the environment in the market trains you on how to adapt to the African shopping environment where we don’t often have fixed prices and hence need to learn/ acquire the bargaining skills and convince the seller to provide lower or good prices which is quite interesting because you mutually reach a price or compromise on the price in a friendly manner and at times, it develops and bonds the friendship amongst community members. There’s no exploitation in the market because you have a right to compare prices with other sellers or markets etc. After the market experience, our local Rwandese women will equip you with the knowledge and skills relating to the Rwandese traditional dish preparations right from peeling, traditional packaging in banana leaves, preparation with different local spices etc until you eat or served your own food. The visitors get historical information about the food taboos previously practiced by/within our cultures and the current respected norms related to eating etc.


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