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Hiking Tour Of The Congo Nile Trail

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Hiking the Congo Nile Trail Day 1 Pick up at airport and transfer to hotel Day 2 Drive to Gisenyi Your secound day will be a relaxing one as we drive you through the winding hills of Northern . .
Country: Rwanda
City: Rubavu (former Gisenyi)
Duration: 10 Day(s) - 9 Night(s)
Tour Category: Hiking Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary

Hiking the Congo Nile Trail

Day 1 Pick up at airport and transfer to hotel

Day 2 Drive to Gisenyi

Your secound day will be a relaxing one as we drive you through the winding hills of Northern Rwanda to the border town of Gisenyi. Get to know your guide along the way and spend your evening relaxing and camping right by the lake at Palm Garden Resort.


Lunch: At Hotel

Dinner: At Hotel

Accommodation: Lake View Bungalow at Palm Garden Resort


Suggested Options:


Dancing Pots

Night Fishing

Day 3 Gisenyi to Rwinyoni

Join our guide and hit the trail early in the morning. Every day is between 6 and 8 hours of hiking. The First day is a beautiful introduction to the Congo Nile Trail with gorgeous lake back drops and friendly villagers accompanying you the entire way. Don't worry, our guide will translate Kinyarwanda for you to ensure you make as many friends as you would like. Our guide knows all of the hot spots along the way. Your first night will be spent in a camping site in Rwinyoni Village. Enjoy an authentic home cooked meal and sleep right on the edge of the hill overlooking Lake Kivu.


+492m : -42m

Hike Length: 8 hours


Day 4 Rwinyoni to Kinunu Base Camp

Leave Rwinyoni fresh and early and begin your trek to the Kinunu Base Camp. It will be a 2 hour hike to reach Nkora fishing village where you can watch the fisherman return from their traditional overnight fishing. Enjoy a snack here and take a look at the waterfalls before heading on. Wind your way through coffee and banana plantations before arriving in Kinunu Base Camp. This place is a slice of heaven on earth. Enjoy a coffee washing plantation tour before setting up camp and resting all night. Enjoy a drink while the lodge's chefs cook you one of the most delicious traditional meals that you will find anywhere in Rwanda.


-457m : +196m

Hike Length: 8.5 Hours


Day 5 Kinunu to Musasa

Hike through many villages in the third day while you curve inland. This section of the trail displays Rwanda's rural landscape at its finest. Perched atop every hill lies a beautiful little village surrounded by rolling farmlands filled with locals farming and children playing. Enjoy the local market at Musasa village before settling down for the night in the Musasa Base Camp

+229m : -200m

Hike Length: 6 Hours


Day 6 Musasa to Kibuye

Wake early in morning and set out to complete the final stretch before Kibuye. Stop at Bumba Base camp along the way to tour a beautiful catholic church. Upon arriving at Rubengera junction you will catch a bus before arriving in Kibuye. We will arrange a boat to pick you up when you get there to take you out to the magnificent Amahoro Island. We highly recommend the camping if you want the memory, as nobody leaves Amahoro unhappy. Relax in hammocks, camp right by the shore and enjoy the freshest possible home cooked meals.

+263m : -263m.

Hike Length: 7 Hours

Bus Ride: 30 minutes


Day 7 Rest Day

Spend the day relaxing on Amahoro Island and taking a tour out to Napoleon Island. This is an incredible natural phenomenon in Rwanda where 20,000 fruit bats make their home. Please be respectful of them as you visit but take as many photos as you can, it is a truly special place. The island is a cone so you will spend your afternoon hiking to the top for a beautiful picnic with a 360 degree view of Lake Kivu, Rwanda and the Congo. If you are completing a half trip, you will take a boat ride back to Kibuye and we will pick you up for a ride home to Kigali. If you are completing the full trip, we will take you back to Amahoro Island for another night before heading out in the morning.


Suggested Options:


Night Fishing

Day 8 Kibuye to L'Esperence

We highly recommend completing the full hiking tour as the best destinations are yet to come. Today you will be hiking the most stunning views along Lake Kivu before arriving at the base camp L'Esperence Orphanage. This place is extraordinary and a must see for anybody visiting Rwanda. It is one of those rare spots on earth that completely bolster your faith in Humanity. Victor Monroy has been managing this orphanage for 7 years now turning it into a technical wonder while watching over and taking care of 129 orphans. With the aid of such organizations as the Johnson Space Centre, Engineers without Borders Colorado and Teachers without Borders Belgium this orphanage has progressed to the point where it is almost ready to become completely self sustainable. Fun Fact: The music created by the children at this orphanage was taken to the international space station.

+286m : -101m

Hike Length: 7 Hours


Suggested Addition


Stay an extra day

Day 9 L'Esperence to Karengera

You will set out early this morning after a fantastic breakfast cooked by Rasta at the orphanage. Today is a shorter hike but equally rewarding as you make your way through the Mugonero market place and cross the Kilimbi river bridge overlooking the community rice fields. Spend your night camping at Karengera coffee washing station.

+229m : -192m

Hike Length: 6 Hours


Day 10 Karengera to Nyamasheke

This trek is regarded by the Rwanda Development Board as the most beautiful part of the trail. Hike along the main road to Kibogora hospital village and have a picnic. Visit the Kumbya peninsula along the way and tour the Catholic Church overlooking the lake. Spend your night sleeping in Nyamasheke's Base Camp which is a beautifully constructed catholic church situated just off the main road.

+157m : -172m

Hike Length 8 hours.


Day 11 Pick Up and Drive to Kigali Through Nyungwe

In the morning you will receive a tour of the town of Nyamasheke. This will include the local primary school, Catholic Church and memorial. Afterwards trek down to the lakeside for a refreshing swim before a meal is brought down to you by Smile Boutique Restaurant. Finish the day in comfort before driving back to Kigali.

Lunch: Picnic at the lake

Dinner: At Hotel

Accommodation: Luxury Hotel Rwanda

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